Yoga is a magnetic pull for me when I am falling out of balance and always entices  me to the quiet solitude of my mat. It is at that time and space I focus on my breath for serenity.

Each  day Yoga offers a unique perspective to your body, breath, and spirit. One day you will move through each pose easily and other days there will be challenges. In the challenging times, it is more important to  recognize that you are your own unique and divine being in your own space.

Just as in life there are stages and steps you must take to achieve your goals. As in yoga whether it be attempting to master tree or lifting up into crow it  all takes stages, steps, and breath.

I believe Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone in each practice there are steps to growing and learning on your path through modifications, props, sometimes a little bit of laughter, and just taking the time to breathe.

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