Motherhood: Stories from the Mat

Yoga is “to yoke” or “to join” as a group it enables people to flow together in perfect harmony. As Mother’s we connect in a unison of voices singing in perfect harmony each of our stories different but on a level of kinship we connect because we have all been in those special moments that define, build, and shape our presence. It is through our centred presence that our children know that they can always lean and depend on us.

As we flow from the matt to the central focus of our days listening to the humming of the traffic, chasing after the little ones, wiping away tears, and lending a should to our kids on those really rough days. Yoga provides us a space that we can go to turn inward to replenish our own spirits.

It is by respecting ourselves and making small moments throughout each day that we grow on our journey from Mothers to Grandmothers that we share tears of sadness and joy. The moments shared in each of these  personal essays reflects the common purpose of mothers who find presence when practising on their matt learning to be more kind to themselves.

Maya Angelous writes best “In all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you  like mine.” It is that inexplicable bond that we as mothers have with our children that allows for us to grow with them. We learn through love and we grow with love. It is finding connection within our own spirit on the matt that allows us to love freely and limitlessness as Mothers in this ever-changing world.

The more we rise together, shine together, and sing together our chorus grows. As mothers we have the power to make an impact in this world by sharing our own stories and flowing in unison to the perfect song.

I am thrilled to be part of the Yoga Netra team in helping to create this free e-book Motherhood Stories from the Matt.  It is a compilation of personal essays from a beautiful chorus of women reflecting on the journey of motherhood and how yoga has become a guide of conscious awakening for them when dealing with the unknowns of parenting.


stories of motherhood

Kick up your feet, make some quiet time to read, and just breathe!


Just Be You

In age of social media we are consistently reminded as  creatives,  artists, writers, bloggers, and even yoga teachers to be great entrepreneurs that we have to become a brand. As soon as I hear the dreaded “b” word I shudder and think of Heinz ketchup bottles.

We are more than just another commodity sitting on the shelf. We are all living, thinking, emotional, and  loving beings living on this beautiful planet. The beauty of this is that it allows for us to breathe, accept our faults, and strive to be better. It doesn’t make us a brand but it makes us human.

carl jung

It when we hide the core of our being and begin to suffocate our true self for sponsorships or more business it allows for us to wake-up with a more cynical viewpoint on the world. You are no longer representing yourself but becoming an outward appearance of what you want to present  and how the  world is willing to perceive you.

The impact that you create in this world is not by being the perfect Instagram photo that someone wants you to be. It is by just being you, sharing what you love, your passion, your drive, and the imperfections that make you human.

Discover your niche in this world promote, share, but don’t change to be a brand.  Just be you! The rest will fall into place shifting your vibrational frequency and opening up to a new world of possibilities that you may never have imagined in your wildest dreams.

How do you approach social-media? Are you a ketchup bottle? Or are you miraculously and wonderfully you?



The Grace of Tadasana

Tadasana, mountain, is the gateway into our minds as it invites us to pause on our matt, find our breath, and begin to centre ourselves in the present moment. It allows for us to roll our shoulders back, close our eyes, and open ourselves to the world. We stand vulnerable yet powerful, and find strength in the stillness of just being.

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Time to Chill with Bananasana

Bananasana or as I love to call is Banana Awesomesauce! It is one of my favourite ways to elongate my side muscles after a long day sitting, after a tough workout, or a when I just need a moment to chill-out.


It is simple:

  • Lay on your matt
  • Move your body to the right side of your matt
  • Walk you left foot over to the left corner of your matt
  • And then cross your right foot over your left foot
  • Reach your hands above you
  • Extend your left arm to the left edge of the matt
  • Cross your right arm over to meet your left wrist
  • Hold for 3 – 5 Minutes
  • Repeat on the otherside

Extend and enjoy the deliciousness!