Harnessing the Power of the Elements to Rejuvenate Our Soulful Projects

Summer is a wonderful time to return to our goals with a fresh outlook and breathe a zest of inspiration into our projects. As the energetic rays of the sun stay with us longer it helps to fire up our brains and stay on track with the continued commitment to achieving our heart’s desire. We can tap into this by connecting to the core elements of Mother Earth.

sunset parkland lake


Take a moment to connect up with your goals by taking your shoes off in the backyard and reconnecting to the earth. It feels wonderful to dig your toes into the ground, close your eyes, finding space in mountain pose, and reconnecting with your needs and desires. Take a few moments just to picture the freedom of achieving your goals as your toes welcome the budding rise of fresh greenery. Awakening to the rejuvenation of fresh ideas!


If you feel there is a staleness in your projects or workout routines the first step is to remove the staleness from your home. The easiest way to do this is to open your windows and let the summer air blow through cleansing your space and removing the stagnancy in the air that may be holding you back or feeling more sluggish than usual. It is when we can purge the stagnant in our homes it gives us the freedom and energy to open our spaces for more creativity.


We all have a fire that burns brightly within us that rises to the challenge of attaining our core desires.  We can tap further into our passions by taking a moment to gaze into the evening fire or candlelight regaining clarity and focus before returning back to work on our soulful projects. The long fire gaze will calm your mind and fire you up to complete that one creative project that speaks to you.


Take a pause in your busy day. Reflect. Are you swimming against the current? How can you change the direction and find more fluidity throughout your day?  It must be noted all challenges and resistances are normal but how can work with those challenges to regain a momentum that brings us the space to move and breathe with ease floating with tide instead of against it.

As we begin to connect more with the four elements we begin to create the much-needed space to venture on our creative path. The freedom of summer offers a fresh start to new and old projects.  The beauty of the summer months is it renews and invigorates us to explore with all of our senses creating a wider expansion of endless possibilities.

Cherish the New Year

As another year begins to sail by us like a passing wind in the night it is not unusual to take stock of the smooth and bumpy waves that have steered us on our life’s journey. It is about accepting and appreciating the lessons from the past year in order move forward with ease into 2017.

If we can make peace with the past, we can align ourselves with the present, it is then that our future only arises to shine brighter. We can do this by cherishing and honoring first ourselves. It is by finding the ability and expression to begin to love oneself that we begin to shed old skin, we open our world to new experiences, and make way for new adventures.


It is important to shed the past to begin anew but with that comes the importance of having some form of ego to help build our self-esteem. We do this on a fine balance and sometimes people will not always approve of the changes within you. However, you learn to move forward with the grace of creating a healthy life that is meant for you to live well with the joy of attracting new people in your life that support your decisions.

The more we are able to cherish what is within us we can then begin to only appreciate more the people that surround and inspire us. It gives us the freedom to dream, admire the beauty in this world, and aim to live to our fullest potential.

As we navigate the waters ahead in the coming year may we find the grace to tap into our own core being.  We build this through working on our self-esteem by learning to love our flaws and be kinder to ourselves when life’s waters begin to get rocky. It is about appreciating those lessons that throw us into the thick of it and aim not to repeat it again in the future.

May we all find the release needed from the stagnant waters of the past – learn to forgive ourselves and others.  It is through this release we can take that deep breath in and exhale knowing that as we tap into our presence we can cherish our  own strength in the pure fresh waters that await us in the new year.


Take A Pause for Rationality

Just the other week I watched two men attack another man outside of my home in the dead of  night. We wanted to run out and assist but at the same time aware the attackers may be armed, high, or all of the above. It is without any other thought we contacted our local police department.

They arrived on the scene just after everything had taken place and assisted the young man that had been beaten up. I am still not sure what the ruckus was all we heard was the loud thuds, smacking, and violent language. It was a heartbreaking moment to feel helpless in the situation when there is nothing we could do about it. Find Strength in Stillness Just Be

It was better not to react and make the situation worse, trusting our instinct, calling the police to do their job was in everyone’s best interest. Times like that open us to wonder what we could have done different? It is at those times we can reflect, if we had done this, or done that would have the outcome been better? Or Worse?

You can only be in the present and accept that you did the best you could in that situation. If we constantly reflect on the ‘what if’s’ it paralyzes us. We have to sometimes recognize that things can be out of our control.  If we are cognizant of our world then we will be guided in the right direction. It is how we respond with positive or negative reactions which creates a life that is balanced or chaotic.

 Take a minute this week to find stillness before reacting to a negative situation. Take that second or two within yourself to make a rational choice instead of reactionary and see where it  leads you and if it creates a positive shift in your day. 


Ripples of Peace: Orlando Strong

It was early Sunday morning when I woke-up to hear the news of over 50 people in the LGBT community were  shot and killed in cold blood in an Orlando night club. A wave of sadness and over-whelming grief washed over me. How do we as a society fight back against a few who rage against race, religion, or sexual orientation? In the age of globalization our borders have opened wider, we travel further, and with the age of technology our global interconnection with others has expanded over the horizon. Yet, something is missing in this world which is the acceptance and understanding of one another regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The dawning light of democracy and upholding the values of individual rights is more important than ever. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening outside of our own back doors. It is recognizing that not everyone upholds those same rights and values. I am a realist and recognize that peace may just be an illusion or a dream in this lifetime.  This mass shooting reminds me that with the light there will always be darkness. It is in the darkness that we can begin to question our own beliefs and values but can also challenge us to be a collective conscious that says no more to violence.

Thich Nhat Hanh points out, “We can only shoot others when they are strangers. Real efforts for reconciliation arise when we see the eyes of compassion, and that ability comes when we see clearly the nature of interbeing and the interpenetration of all beings. “

Everyone in that club on Saturday night was a defenseless stranger to that shooter whom was unwilling to question his own radical views. He was raging against humanity because of his limited persecuting beliefs.  It is there that lies the question, How do we defend ourselves in a time against a faceless person or people that do not accept our values of individual rights and freedoms and only want to persecute us?

The truth of the matter is we cannot control their thoughts or actions towards our fellow human beings. But we can live each day for those fifty innocent people that were brutally gunned down and persecuted because of their sexual orientation by refusing to live in fear for who we are, the values we uphold, and living a life that is of service to humanity.

 A life that we look up from our phones and say hello to our fellow neighbors.

A life were we dance with whomever we please.

A life were we can smile and fill a room with the joy of laughter.

A life were everyone is free to be who they are meant to be.

 A life that allows for us to lend a hand to those in need and begin to lookout past our back own back doors seeking social justice.

It is when we step up to wave our guns or spit on others for their own religious views. We are no better than the shooter. We are denying ourselves the good life by choosing to live in the shadows.  We are only then playing into the hands of terrorists and denying ourselves the freedom to live in peace. We can only make room for peace in this world by looking past our anger, our fear, and look out into this world with compassion for others.

JFK stated in his inaugural speech in 1961 “The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe – the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.”

Is the world so different from 1961? We still seem to be fighting the same battles?  Isn’t it time we looked within ourselves during these dark times and to our communities to make the shift for peaceful transformation in this world?

All of these fifty people had names, dreams, and people who loved them.  Many of us are angered by this senseless brutality. Yet, we have to now accept the challenge to look past our anger and no allow for the darkness to seep into our lives by  living each breath, to appreciate each day with gratitude, and honor  fifty spirits lost in this world by living a life worth living full of goodness and love.

It might not be the best political tactic, best policy, but it is a start to creating small vibrations for change and social justice. Maybe just maybe  with these small ripples something bigger than you and I will occur were each individual ripples becomes a collective ripple, which becomes a massive continuum wave  ending social injustice, violence,and poverty flowing into our future generations lifetime ushering an era of peace.