Enjoy a Little Sweetness!

It has taken me a few years to realize that my eating habits are connected to my emotions. If things are not going well for me it is usually written all over my waistline. On those days when I need a little extra sweetness to conquer the stress I go straight for the container of Ben and Jerry’s.

Rest assured that Ben and Jerry’s is not a good companion for a lady who is already lactose intolerant!  

But over the year I have recognized that when I am beginning to crave something that disagrees with me not to ignore it but to substitute it with something better.

My better is the Sweetest Smoothie! A refreshing chocolate bar in glass that is a  nutritious beverage for post recovery after your daily yoga practice or  tough workout in the gym. It will satisfy your sweet tooth in an instant and fill you full of delightful goodness.


Give it a sip and let me know what you think! Did it hit your sweet spot?

Reflecting on Your Week

One of the greatest factors in reaching our goals is visualizing and taking the necessary steps to achieve them. It maybe getting on the road to good health, planning for your first marathon, or just learning the basics to healthy cooking.  All of these are attainable goals and with consistent effort you will be on the right track to reaching them.

Your well-being is one of the most important when it comes to your overall health, your goals, and raising the bar for what you want to do next in your life. One of the best ways to stay on track and evaluate the direction that you are heading in reaching towards your goals is checking in with yourself.

Take a few minutes every Sunday to journal about your week. It is a nice way to stay focused on all the good in your life and what you can strive to do better. Here is a list of simple questions to help you evaluate your week and write about in your own journal.


Opening a journal and writing can be one of the greatest ways to get to know yourself better, maintain focus on your goals, and help you to make the small changes necessary to improve your life. Pick up a pen, grab your notebook, and write! I look forward to hearing about your progress and how writing in a weekly journal has been working for you.

Hydrating Holiday Cocktail Tips

Over the holiday season we are bound to have a little too much good cheer! It is part of the celebration and fun time among friends. However, the boozy headache the next day is never a welcome addition to the holiday season.

It is during this time of season we should check-in to make sure we are staying hydrated and headache free. Especially if we are in the throes of socializing, decorating, baking, and shopping. The better you feel the less stress you will feel in the long run over the holidays.

A simple and effective solution to all of this is sitting right in front of you. It’s called a glass of water.  The perfect gift you can give yourself is ensuring you are staying hydrated it not only does wonders for your skin but keeps your body moving in the right direction.

The best way to stay hydrated is begin first thing in the with one simple glass in the and continue to hydrate through most of the day. The trick is to taper down in the evening if you are waking up in the middle of the night for a bathroom run that means you are probably drinking too much of that beautiful H2O. This can create havoc on your restful slumber  and contribute to you feeling more tired when you wake-up in the morning.

However, with that being said if you are at a late night party staying hydrated is key to a good time the next morning! If you are going to indulge with a few cocktails make sure you  piggyback with a glass of water. The goal is to wake-up the next morning without feeling   feel like Santa’s reindeer ran across your head.

If you choose to booze here are some simple tips to keep you hydrated throughout the holiday season.




Have a wonderful holiday season!  Just remember if you have too much of a good time call Santa’s Taxi Service for a safe drive home. 

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