Enjoy a Little Sweetness!

It has taken me a few years to realize that my eating habits are connected to my emotions. If things are not going well for me it is usually written all over my waistline. On those days when I need a little extra sweetness to conquer the stress I go straight for the container of Ben and Jerry’s.

Rest assured that Ben and Jerry’s is not a good companion for a lady who is already lactose intolerant!  

But over the year I have recognized that when I am beginning to crave something that disagrees with me not to ignore it but to substitute it with something better.

My better is the Sweetest Smoothie! A refreshing chocolate bar in glass that is a  nutritious beverage for post recovery after your daily yoga practice or  tough workout in the gym. It will satisfy your sweet tooth in an instant and fill you full of delightful goodness.


Give it a sip and let me know what you think! Did it hit your sweet spot?

Just Be You

In age of social media we are consistently reminded as  creatives,  artists, writers, bloggers, and even yoga teachers to be great entrepreneurs that we have to become a brand. As soon as I hear the dreaded “b” word I shudder and think of Heinz ketchup bottles.

We are more than just another commodity sitting on the shelf. We are all living, thinking, emotional, and  loving beings living on this beautiful planet. The beauty of this is that it allows for us to breathe, accept our faults, and strive to be better. It doesn’t make us a brand but it makes us human.

carl jung

It when we hide the core of our being and begin to suffocate our true self for sponsorships or more business it allows for us to wake-up with a more cynical viewpoint on the world. You are no longer representing yourself but becoming an outward appearance of what you want to present  and how the  world is willing to perceive you.

The impact that you create in this world is not by being the perfect Instagram photo that someone wants you to be. It is by just being you, sharing what you love, your passion, your drive, and the imperfections that make you human.

Discover your niche in this world promote, share, but don’t change to be a brand.  Just be you! The rest will fall into place shifting your vibrational frequency and opening up to a new world of possibilities that you may never have imagined in your wildest dreams.

How do you approach social-media? Are you a ketchup bottle? Or are you miraculously and wonderfully you?