Harnessing the Power of the Elements to Rejuvenate Our Soulful Projects

Summer is a wonderful time to return to our goals with a fresh outlook and breathe a zest of inspiration into our projects. As the energetic rays of the sun stay with us longer it helps to fire up our brains and stay on track with the continued commitment to achieving our heart’s desire. We can tap into this by connecting to the core elements of Mother Earth.

sunset parkland lake


Take a moment to connect up with your goals by taking your shoes off in the backyard and reconnecting to the earth. It feels wonderful to dig your toes into the ground, close your eyes, finding space in mountain pose, and reconnecting with your needs and desires. Take a few moments just to picture the freedom of achieving your goals as your toes welcome the budding rise of fresh greenery. Awakening to the rejuvenation of fresh ideas!


If you feel there is a staleness in your projects or workout routines the first step is to remove the staleness from your home. The easiest way to do this is to open your windows and let the summer air blow through cleansing your space and removing the stagnancy in the air that may be holding you back or feeling more sluggish than usual. It is when we can purge the stagnant in our homes it gives us the freedom and energy to open our spaces for more creativity.


We all have a fire that burns brightly within us that rises to the challenge of attaining our core desires.  We can tap further into our passions by taking a moment to gaze into the evening fire or candlelight regaining clarity and focus before returning back to work on our soulful projects. The long fire gaze will calm your mind and fire you up to complete that one creative project that speaks to you.


Take a pause in your busy day. Reflect. Are you swimming against the current? How can you change the direction and find more fluidity throughout your day?  It must be noted all challenges and resistances are normal but how can work with those challenges to regain a momentum that brings us the space to move and breathe with ease floating with tide instead of against it.

As we begin to connect more with the four elements we begin to create the much-needed space to venture on our creative path. The freedom of summer offers a fresh start to new and old projects.  The beauty of the summer months is it renews and invigorates us to explore with all of our senses creating a wider expansion of endless possibilities.

Reflecting on Your Week

One of the greatest factors in reaching our goals is visualizing and taking the necessary steps to achieve them. It maybe getting on the road to good health, planning for your first marathon, or just learning the basics to healthy cooking.  All of these are attainable goals and with consistent effort you will be on the right track to reaching them.

Your well-being is one of the most important when it comes to your overall health, your goals, and raising the bar for what you want to do next in your life. One of the best ways to stay on track and evaluate the direction that you are heading in reaching towards your goals is checking in with yourself.

Take a few minutes every Sunday to journal about your week. It is a nice way to stay focused on all the good in your life and what you can strive to do better. Here is a list of simple questions to help you evaluate your week and write about in your own journal.


Opening a journal and writing can be one of the greatest ways to get to know yourself better, maintain focus on your goals, and help you to make the small changes necessary to improve your life. Pick up a pen, grab your notebook, and write! I look forward to hearing about your progress and how writing in a weekly journal has been working for you.

Take A Pause for Rationality

Just the other week I watched two men attack another man outside of my home in the dead of  night. We wanted to run out and assist but at the same time aware the attackers may be armed, high, or all of the above. It is without any other thought we contacted our local police department.

They arrived on the scene just after everything had taken place and assisted the young man that had been beaten up. I am still not sure what the ruckus was all we heard was the loud thuds, smacking, and violent language. It was a heartbreaking moment to feel helpless in the situation when there is nothing we could do about it. Find Strength in Stillness Just Be

It was better not to react and make the situation worse, trusting our instinct, calling the police to do their job was in everyone’s best interest. Times like that open us to wonder what we could have done different? It is at those times we can reflect, if we had done this, or done that would have the outcome been better? Or Worse?

You can only be in the present and accept that you did the best you could in that situation. If we constantly reflect on the ‘what if’s’ it paralyzes us. We have to sometimes recognize that things can be out of our control.  If we are cognizant of our world then we will be guided in the right direction. It is how we respond with positive or negative reactions which creates a life that is balanced or chaotic.

 Take a minute this week to find stillness before reacting to a negative situation. Take that second or two within yourself to make a rational choice instead of reactionary and see where it  leads you and if it creates a positive shift in your day. 


The Office Edition: Easing Shoulder Tension

If you have an office job chances are your neck and shoulders are tense from sitting at your desk for most of the day.  The best thing you can do is to lighten the load on your shoulders by taking a few minutes to yourself and elongating your muscles with these simple movements.

First shut your office door.

Sit in your chair. Roll your shoulders back and soften them away from your ears. It’s time to remember what good posture feels like because when we are hunched over our desks we are no longer open or aligned with our own bodies. It is be aware of the strength of your spine and feeling tall as you sit holding onto your power.

Take a deep breath and let out a loud sigh.

If space permits take a minute or two just to shut your eyes and find balance in your breath. Take these few moments to realign your core being and release the pressures of life stress.

Open your eyes and gently place your right hand on top of your head guiding it to the right side. This helps to relieve neck tension especially if we are in the constant motion of shrugging our shoulders when hunched over our computers or phones. Hold for five to ten breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

neck stretch

Eagle arms is one of my favorite yoga poses to help alleviate tension in the shoulders. Simply cross your right arm under your left. See if your right hand can clasp your left hand or wrist. Take a five breaths and repeat on the opposite arm.

eagle arms

If eagle arms is too much for you then simply give yourself a nice warm hug. Relax your shoulders from your ears and just say ahhhhh with this nice passive stretch.

give yourself a hug

In Heal Your Body, Louise Hay reminds when we carry stress in our shoulders it sometimes  because we are carrying a heavy burden with our attitude. The best thing to do is to slowly change our thought pattern with these simple words “I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.” It is when we ease our neck and open  our shoulders – we walk stronger, taller, and are open to new possibilities.