My Summer Happenings

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Misfit Yogini series! And if you want little extra sprinkles of sweet love don’t forget to leave me a fun steamy five star review.

Just in case you missed it! The Misfit Yogini Series is all about one Yoga teacher gone rogue in this big bad world. It has been a hoot to write with the first two titles Bend Me and Twist Me now released on Amazon.

Stay tuned for Knot Me which will be available next week!

However, if you are squeamish about sex and live life on the prudish side then this series is definitely not for you!

Don’t forget to clickity click to purchase your copy!

And the one famous question I have been getting from friends, family, and readers about this series, “Is the main character Allie in the story you?”

Heck No! It’s fiction. I love to be playful and this has been a fun writing project for me! All things considered I am bendy but I do attempt to practice the pillars of yoga on and off the mat.

Trust me my sex life is not nearly as exciting!

So click here to catch up on Allie my favorite Misfit Yogini as she bends and twists herself into all sorts of mischief.

Oh! And speaking of Playful I will be in Invemere, BC on August 17th, for a little Summer Loving. A fun and vibrant workshop that is focusing on the heart!

Click here to register your spot:

And if you haven’t had much of a summer vacation! Join me in Sierra Madre Jungle, just outside of Sunny Puerto Vallart Mexico for a heart centered retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and your spirit replenished from the busyness of life.

Click here for more details:

I look forward to seeing you!

Last but not least don’t forget to give your hips a nice deep stretch this weekend! They need a little love especially if you have spent your week toiling away at your desk.



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