“This is What Will Be”

The beauty of Magic it is able to trick us into believing what is false is real and enables some of us if lucky enough to disappear from the world. An illusion of the mind that creates a false dichotomy tying our self worth based on material attributes and the judgement of others to make us achieve the white picket fence dream.

It is a beautiful dream for those that want it.

But that dream can be turned into fear base when our ego ties us down in believing the collective voice to have more, be better, than we work more, buy more, feel better about the more, until your spirit gets tired.

It’s when our light dulls that the craving for more becomes an illusion. What does it get you in the end?

All of us including me need to wake-up and realize that our life is before us and tapping into the essence of who we are is what will awaken us in the end.

Our lives can be beautiful or they can be a nightmare that choices is up to us.  My goal is always work past my fear, speak my mind, ask the tough questions, feel emotions, and live the good life that works for me.

The real magic is seeing past the tricks of the ego and courageously tending to the spirit. It is in those times the truth is always revealed to us whether we want to see it or not in our lives.

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