The Last Breath of a Captain

Integrity –

A measure of a man,

The value of his worth,

Righteous in his actions,

Amongst the masked faces of duplicity

No prised, no truth, no action.

The double sided face that fails to live up to his word – one for all.

The captain wonders,

“Some of these men must be made of integrity?”

As words  of camaraderie are thrown and tossed about a sinking ship,

The drunken captain steadies himself – knowing they are all jumping.

 “Every man for himself!”

Clawing, biting, all to save themselves from drowning in the rapture of the waves,

She sees each depraved weak man and pulling each one down one by one with a last gasping breath.

The screams clamouring out into the darkness begin to whisper as the captain roars –

Kymopoleia arises conjuring the waves to rise higher and higher.


The last of Judas brethren topple, tumble, and drown as they struggle to row their way to shore,

She rises even higher with the waves unstoppable in her vengeful wrath,

The Captain cries out loud with a mischievous gleam in his eye,

“Is that all you have got?”

Challenging the goddess as she casts the waves higher above the frailness of the ship.

 The captain conspires one last time to consort with the powers of the dark knowing that there will never be another light.

In that in his final breath he roars once more “Freedom!”

The last breath of an honest and integral man sinking down into the hollow lonely depths of the chilling onerous waters.

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