Wise Choices are Healthy Heart Choices

We all know heart is one of the most powerful and mysterious organs of the body. But why do we thrust on it so much pain by our poor decision making? It is this tiny but mighty mass never rests or sleeps. It beats for us whole and ready no matter the pressure or heartbreak we place upon it.

The heart is the most giving and tender organs that we carry tight in our chest trying to protect it from the daily abuses of pollution, poor diet, lack of cardio, and emotional strain. Yet this one vital organ that we depend on we more apt to abuse it by what we consume and our poor decision making choices.

I could list a whole page of poor choices in where I should have known better before the grotesque hangover or ugly horrible cry throughout my many years ofโ€ฆ


Growing maturity.

I can testify that a heavy heart is an unhealthy heart all of this because of the choices made when not  deciding to trust my intuition or better judgement.

Afterall we all know it is our fault that we opened our mouth, took the fifth shot of tequila, nobody made you do it but yourself! The suffering of the aftermath of the morning hangover – nothing but pure regret and a bad taste in your mouth languishing the day away on the couch.

 The same holds true for matters of the heart you knew the tight jean package was no good for you but you chose to sleep with it anyway. Yes, there may have been deceit, empty promises, and more empty promises. But it was love. It had to be love. And there you are sobbing and you know in the deepest of your hearts that it was a very unwise and unhealthy choice.

It is  this that of our mind body we must sync to create a healthy heart energy that grows within us to thrive.  Our poor lifestyle choices is what places pressure on the affairs of our heart which leads us consuming a negative energy that leaves us a heavy, soppy, and broken mess.

Yet, our heart still beats on, it has faith in us that we will connect fully to our mind, body, and spirit. It is from this complex connection that our heart  will begin to shine its brilliance. It is in this brilliance that our hearts will slowly begin to repair with a beautiful healing energy. In that moment forever linking those moments together reversing the damage of past mistakes and moving forward lit like brilliant fire beaming forth in the night.

Until we make that inevitable poor decision once again.

Reference Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body, Robert Henderson. P 53-58, 179-181

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