Crow Pose and All

Crow Pose (bakasana) is the magical gateway to arm inversions full of power, flexibility, and agility. It is with each breath that we can tap into our raw core pulling up from the pelvic floor and bringing us into greater depths of connecting with our breath.

As I write that first paragraph I can assure you that in my first attempt at crow pose was dismal but my patient yoga teacher assured me that it took her at least a year before she mastered this inversion. So as the gazelles around me effortlessly lifted themselves into crow perched in utter perfection with  their flawless bottoms in the air connecting their breath whilst balancing on their matt.

I uttered to myself, “Pay attention to your own matt. It’s about your own practice. Not a competition, Darcie.”

I hopped on one foot, hopped on the second foot, then tried to force both feet up into the air only to roll onto my head and knocked over the practitioners water bottle in front of me. And with my own wisdom retreated into child’s pose. It is there I took solace, cocooned myself, and licked my wounded pride.

As my practice grew stronger and my hatred for proper chaturanga began to fade into the sunset. I developed a stronger core base with my breath beginning to connect with my movement and in due time I mastered my first inversion.

I still remember perching in my yogi squat, pressing my knees firm into my triceps, chaturanga arms (no spaghetti arms), and lifted my peachy ass up into the air. It was a glorious moment, I smiled, forgot to breathe, with that my peachy cheeks fell to the ground.

Since that moment Crow pose has become a love for me to teach in my own classes and  when you watch  a student master it for the first time there is a wide smile across their face. As they hold it with grace there is a beauty in its form. A shadow across the wall, dancing in the light, a beautiful black bird, balanced, and ready to build its nest in the treeline.  

Spaghetti Arms Reference from Dirty Dancing just in case you didn’t catch that…

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  1. I feel like I’m a long way away from crow pose. I just finished a 30 day yoga journey and about half way through, crow pose was part of the session… I tried. But nope, wasn’t happening. I’m still working on my breathing and decided to take it one day at a time. I’m going to continue my at home practice and one of these days may venture out for a session in a studio.

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