Finding Strength in Goddess Kali

tapping into your inner goddess and learning to walk away

In the eight limbs of yoga one of the core values is Ahisma – the belief that to harm another is to harm oneself. In a world that contrasts light and shadows, how are we expected to defend ourselves in emotional or abusive situations? It does not mean to turn the other cheek, nor does it mean to fly into a fit of rage sometimes, which will only lead to more emotional harm to ourselves. But to stay in a relationship that consistently damages your spiritual well-being is a form of passive violence to oneself.

Many women are preconditioned to play nice with a smile and follow the societal norms that are preconditioned for us. It is when we are not given a voice or learn how to define our divine feminine than we begin to fall from thriving in our own world. The societal constrictions for many women keeps them in a haphazard state where it is acceptable to stay in a disheartened, abusive relationships because they are not defined by their character, but the roll of preconceived notions of how a woman should behave in society.

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A key to breaking these societal norms is for women to begin to connect to their own inner goddess. It is from tapping into their own core spirit, which enables them to keep their wings free from being broken and allowing many to soar even further in this world.

One such goddess to explore is ancient Kali, the mother goddess, as she defies all societal values with fierce passion and tenacious will.

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