Take A Pause for Rationality

Just the other week I watched two men attack another man outside of my home in the dead of  night. We wanted to run out and assist but at the same time aware the attackers may be armed, high, or all of the above. It is without any other thought we contacted our local police department.

They arrived on the scene just after everything had taken place and assisted the young man that had been beaten up. I am still not sure what the ruckus was all we heard was the loud thuds, smacking, and violent language. It was a heartbreaking moment to feel helpless in the situation when there is nothing we could do about it. Find Strength in Stillness Just Be

It was better not to react and make the situation worse, trusting our instinct, calling the police to do their job was in everyone’s best interest. Times like that open us to wonder what we could have done different? It is at those times we can reflect, if we had done this, or done that would have the outcome been better? Or Worse?

You can only be in the present and accept that you did the best you could in that situation. If we constantly reflect on the ‘what if’s’ it paralyzes us. We have to sometimes recognize that things can be out of our control.  If we are cognizant of our world then we will be guided in the right direction. It is how we respond with positive or negative reactions which creates a life that is balanced or chaotic.

 Take a minute this week to find stillness before reacting to a negative situation. Take that second or two within yourself to make a rational choice instead of reactionary and see where it  leads you and if it creates a positive shift in your day. 


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