Creating Space

If you were to step into my office you would probably trip over a bag, a book, yoga mat, or hula hoop. I like to think of it as special creative space amidst the drab daily life duties such as paperwork.  It was over a year ago I began reading Marie Kondo’s,The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was inspired and cheering her on about purging clutter until I reached the page to narrowing your book collection down to thirty books.

people  with large book collections

I sighed.

She lost me.

Confounded. Heaven help me there is no way I am parting with all of my books. They are an attachment to me. What if I need one for reference? What if I want to read it again? This is nonsense. I am not parting with all of my books.

I dropped Marie’s book like a sac of potatoes and moved on with my life.

Fast Forward to present day my office was driving me nuts. It felt cluttered and confused with no rhyme or reason.  I stubbed my toe on a stack of books that did not make it to the shelf and I decided it was time to make space.

I slowly began to part with each book weighing its worth to me in this world. Each time I looked at another book I realized that they were just in fact books. I began to clear my shelves a little quicker with a brighter step.

The first batch went for a weekend book sale, the second batch was donated, and now continuing onward to my third batch to release into this world. I saved any books that had meaning as gifts, authors signatures, or contained some form of sentimental value.

The honest truth is I am not down to thirty but…

I am moving on, as I look at my large empty book shelves, it’s time to clear more space, and say good-bye to them too. The office is beginning to come back to life a little lighter and not dangerous to walk across when the lights are shut off at night. My toes can breathe a huge sigh of relief! And when I am in need of a good long handstand against the wall – I have the perfect space for it!

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