The Office Edition: Easing Shoulder Tension

If you have an office job chances are your neck and shoulders are tense from sitting at your desk for most of the day.  The best thing you can do is to lighten the load on your shoulders by taking a few minutes to yourself and elongating your muscles with these simple movements.

First shut your office door.

Sit in your chair. Roll your shoulders back and soften them away from your ears. It’s time to remember what good posture feels like because when we are hunched over our desks we are no longer open or aligned with our own bodies. It is be aware of the strength of your spine and feeling tall as you sit holding onto your power.

Take a deep breath and let out a loud sigh.

If space permits take a minute or two just to shut your eyes and find balance in your breath. Take these few moments to realign your core being and release the pressures of life stress.

Open your eyes and gently place your right hand on top of your head guiding it to the right side. This helps to relieve neck tension especially if we are in the constant motion of shrugging our shoulders when hunched over our computers or phones. Hold for five to ten breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

neck stretch

Eagle arms is one of my favorite yoga poses to help alleviate tension in the shoulders. Simply cross your right arm under your left. See if your right hand can clasp your left hand or wrist. Take a five breaths and repeat on the opposite arm.

eagle arms

If eagle arms is too much for you then simply give yourself a nice warm hug. Relax your shoulders from your ears and just say ahhhhh with this nice passive stretch.

give yourself a hug

In Heal Your Body, Louise Hay reminds when we carry stress in our shoulders it sometimes  because we are carrying a heavy burden with our attitude. The best thing to do is to slowly change our thought pattern with these simple words “I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.” It is when we ease our neck and open  our shoulders – we walk stronger, taller, and are open to new possibilities.

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