The Flow of Letting Go

Yoga allows for us to grow in our practice and teaches us to let go of the things that no longer serve us. They sometimes fall away with ease as we attempt to move forward in our lives by silencing the noise that surrounds us. It is through the flow of the breath we begin to let go of the words that bring us down and the fear of hiding our true self.

let go

It is when begin to assess our lives we sometimes begin to realize that some friendships have out worn their stay just like a beautiful farmer’s field that has overgrown with thistles. Some point along the way the friendship moved from the ease of tall grass blowing in the wind to a path of thorns that gnarl and tear at us. Yoga provides us with the silence to tune into the frequency and recognize when we are wandering into that field of thistles. Continue Reading at the Yogi Times…

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