A Simple Meditation for Teenagers

The teenage years can be gruelling for many youth as they attempt to navigate the maze of social media, the onslaught of peer pressure, changing friendships, and the need to be the best at everything they do.  All of this is a recipe for anxiety and depression which many youth attempt to cope by not eating, isolating themselves, self harm, or acting-out.

Meditation is a great gift you can give your teenager to help calm their active mind.  As teenagers grow into young men and women they may not always be open to participating in a meditative practice. If they are open take the opportunity to slowly introduce them into meditation a few minutes at a time.

elliot meditation

  • Invite your teenager to close their eyes, sit tall, legs crossed, palms flat on knees
  • Next focus on the balance of their breath inhaling through their nose for count of five and exhaling through their nose at the count of five.
  • Give them time to explore and feel the core balance of their breath.

If you feel they could go a little further into their practice:

  • Encourage them to imagine a small dot, let them explore the shape, the colour, the shine, and its movement in their mind
  • When they feel ready they can slowly begin to open their eyes feeling more calm, grounded, and centred ready to face the day. 


Meditation is a great way for our youth to escape their anxious minds by finding a quiet space and letting them separate their thoughts by just focusing on the solitude of the present moment. In that moment they will find peace from the negative thoughts by taking  a restful moment for themselves to silence their own inner critic. It will help them find their own inner strength, cultivate patience, and maybe give them a moment to pause before over-reacting with the difficult struggles they may face throughout their day.


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