Inspiration? Or Guilt Driven?

I adore a inspirational quotes! The ones that allow us to foster our dreams, build us up on a bad day, or move us to overcome our fears. It is those quotes that can give us the affirmation to try and recognize that it is okay to fail but to get back on our feet to try again.

The quotes that make me cringe are the ones that are filled with judgement, criticism, snark, and are just plain mean. They are meant to push us a little further at the gym, remind us to watch our diet, and live a healthy lifestyle. The problem with these quotes is that they build us down instead of building us up.

cringe worthy quotes

We all have our own inner critic – the one that already beats us up for slipping on the diet, maybe not getting that forty minutes of cardio for the day, or skipping our daily yoga practice.

The thing is we all have different fitness goals and aspirations! As we strive for those goals we should be honouring our bodies and celebrating each small step that lead us on the road to better health.

So if a cringe-worthy quote appears in your social media feed let out a loud exasperating sigh and give it an eyeroll.

Remember  that you are a  beautiful creature, that struts,laughs, and workouts when you feel like it. You eat what you like with moderation and you smile because your friends always have your back. Life keeps getting better when you live by your own rules and make your own inspiring quotes.

Is there a quote that pops-up on your social media feed that makes you cringe?

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